Francophonie Cultural Festival

For students looking for French fun while touring Washington DC, the Magnifique Francophonie Cultural Festival is happening through March and April to celebrate the diversity and richness of the French language and francophonie communities around the world. Jam-packed with events and over a month long, the Francophonie Cultural Festival will have French class field trips cheerinG.

Student Tours to Francophonie Cultural Festival the , students and teachers will see and learn about French music, art, literature, film, and cuisine. The term “Francophonie” refers to all of the states and governments worldwide who share the French language, so this is truly an international festival that spans not just France but also to Lithuania, Switzerland, Haiti, the Central African Republic, and beyond. The festival has events scheduled at locations throughout Washington DC, but the majority of events will be taking place at the French Embassy, Maison Francaise.

The Francophonie Cultural Festival has organized an eclectic and exciting mix of musicians from around the world to perform at the festival. 2014 is the bicentennial birthday of Alphonse Sax, the inventor of the saxophone, and to honor the inventor of this jazzy instrument the festival has arranged for a few saxophonist acts to delight student tours. On March 28, French saxophone group Ellipsos Quartet will celebrate with classical and contemporary music. If classes prefer acoustic guitar and pop music, Belgian musician Andre Borbe will delight students with a set for younger audiences on March 30th. Both performances will take place at Maison Francaise.

For Francophile film buffs, the Francophonie will have several film debuts, screenings, and educational events aimed at students eager to learn about how Francophonie culture is depicted in film. On March 22nd, foreign language class field trip groups will see the phenomenal The Night of the Bear: Animation Series, brought to the Festival from Switzerland. This award-winning animated short (presented in French with English subtitles) will be followed by a workshop with Director Samuel Guillaume and Frederic Guillaume, who created the film production company Cine3D. In this workshop and Q&A, students and teachers will be able to find out how the stunning Night of the Bear was made and how students can pursue a career in the film and animating arts.

On April 3rd at 7pm, student tours will be able to attend an exclusive event hosted by renowned pastry chef and co-founder of Chicago’s French Pastry School, Jacquy Pfeiffer. The Art of the French Pastry will begin with a screening of the documentary King of Pasties before Chef Pfeiffer will provide a demonstration presenting the art and skill that goes into making delicious French pastries. And they’ll also be a yummy pastry tasting!

If your class is interested in visiting the Francophonie Cultural Festival or one of its many events on your educational trip to Washington DC, contact Student Adventure Tours today for more information and help in arranging an experience that will broaden student perspective of foreign countries and culture!